Why Should I Use Videos in My Social Media Marketing

Other than convenience, and its inherent social aspect, access to information is a profound reason why many people are willing to spend hours trolling for information online and thousands of dollars on the internet.

Well, if you had to choose between reading a ‘how to drive traffic to a website’ blog post or watching an illustrated video of the same, which of the two would you opt for? For a majority of us, the later would be more alluring than the former.

Today, if we discount Google, by number of users, YouTube, the video sharing platform is the second biggest search engine with over 100 hours of video uploaded to the platform each passing moment of the day. There is no disputing it; video has become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, it is projected that by 2017, 69% of all online traffic and activity will be video driven. As such, your social media marketing strategy must include the use of video if it has to keep up with the changing times.

Below are profound reasons why video must form an integral part of your social media marketing campaign:

1: Video Is Becoming Profoundly Important

If you’re an ardent social media user, you may have noticed that, other than having an image as your Facebook profile picture, Facebook has made it possible to have a video as your profile picture: this in itself compounds the importance of video. In fact, every social media platform you can think of offers video sharing.

An infographic from Brain Shark indicates that each day, about 100 million Americans view online videos, and 85% of all Americans admit to watching at least one online video in the last week. That is not all; according to the infographic, 70% of online marketers consider video to be an integral part of social media marketing.

2: Personable and Engaging

If we compare it to other content marketing methods such as text and image ads, including a video to your social media marketing campaign makes the content more personable.

Here is what we mean by this; when you create a video ad and embed it to a social media post; you instantly multiply the connection factor. For instance, if you’re offering a product, adding an ‘unboxing’ video to your social media marketing campaign adds the human factor to the product, and makes it easier for buyers to understand the product and what it can do for them. This ends up making the product more consumer friendly with the results being, more interaction, and more traffic to your sales page, and increased sales.

As a social media marketing tool, videos are more engaging in that if you create an easy to understand, highly sharable video, your target audience will feel connected to your brand on a personal level. In fact, according to a Forrester study, if an image is worth a thousand words, a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Further, a research study by Axonn found that, after watching an interesting video, 7 out of 10 people viewed a brand in a more positive light.

3: Multiple Use

As an integral part of your marketing campaign, you can use video to achieve various results. For instance, you can use video to educate, entertain, or sell. You can use video to connect with your audience, educate them about your products, sell the product, and offer invaluable product usage tips from one video (its best to segment the videos).


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