For me, Snapchat was just an app that allowed you to send temporary video’s and photos to other Snapchat users, but then I read this article and discovered that Snapchat has become a lot more than that. I’m talking in particular about Discover.


snapchatIn short, Discover is an online magazine and like any other magazine it’s comprised of sections. However, unlike a lot of other magazines these sections are purchased and written by brands. Companies pay for the space and then add the articles and/or videos they want. However in true Snapchat fashion, these magazine sections only last for a day. So in essence, it’s like a daily magazine that disappears into the ether after 24 hours.

But just in case you were thinking of buying your home business some Snapchat Discover magazine space, you may need to rethink. Snapchat are not selling Discover space for any less than $750,000. Yep, that’s right, seven hundred and fifty grand for one day’s worth of online magazine space. Paying such a large amount of money, is really only available to larger businesses, and according to this article, many business simply do not have the money or cannot pay that amount for an online article that doesn’t last any longer than a day.I have to say, I find this approach quite interesting. By limiting the time a magazine section is seen, Snapchat can almost guarantee that every day there will more companies wanting to grab the space. By putting such a high-price tag on it, you know that only bigger businesses will be going for it. Throw in a limited amount of magazine space and you can almost see the big brands fighting over the opportunity to give Snapchat their money.


Once these brands have the space, they have the opportunity to engage with a customer base of over 100 million active users. Which if you want to put that in context is just under the population of Mexico. So these 100 million users will now be checking out the articles and videos added to Discover by those brands.

Bearing in mind, that if a company can spend $750,000 on online magazine space, then they’re also quite likely to put the money into making these articles look vibrant and engaging. The magazine sections and articles I’ve seen do look and feel beautiful and I’m not the only person to think so. Because each section of the magazine carries with it the appropriate companies branding, in a sense it never really feels like the magazine sections are part of Snapchat, once you swipe into Discover your mind leaves the app and goes visiting all the various brands.

In my opinion, online magazine articles are a better way of communicating to people than adverts. With adverts, people see them with the thought of ‘How much is this going to cost me?’ It’s a defensive thought, but adverts make us think financially. A customer will engage with an online article with a much more open mind, after all, the magazine is simply providing information there is no obligation to buy anything so there is a level of comfort and even familiarity after a while.

Snapchat Discover is only the beginning; I think we can expect to see this sort of tailored advertising / branding turning up a lot more in the future.

If, like me you need a little help getting to grips with Snapchat and Discover then you could do worse than to head over here.


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