How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

The Why, What and How Facebook is your number one social media platform.

I am sure that you are familiar with messenger right! This is the little app that works with your Facebook account and allows you to send private messages to your friends.

Just recently Facebook added a few cool features to the app, which includes adding a picture to your story and also the use of filters and masks to your images to make them super cool and funky.

In addition to these quirky features (which I must say are super fun to work with). Facebook introduced the Facebook Messenger Bots. Now I know that you are possibly thinking this term is a little nerdy or only for those in the robotics world, and you maybe correct, however stay with me, I am going to knock your socks off, as we say in Australia!

Let’s look at a few statistics before we get started.

• There are 1.2 billion users on messenger
• Messenger has an amazing 99% open rate – compare that to the 10% email open

So what is a ‘Bot” this is a generalised term for software that automates a task, currently on your Facebook Page you can automate messages to your fans when they contact you. Basically the Bot turns natural language into structured data.

What you may not be aware of is that the user can search for bots inside the messenger app, so if you open up your app and type in the search bar ‘news’

You will see a selection of bots already created by the different news corporations around the world. From here you can select the news channel and they will give you a number of options to engage with them and their content – Remarkable Right?

The question is how can you use this awesome tool for your business and increase your sales and leads.

Well, you don’t need to run off and create your own bot just yet, however, put that on the the list of marketing items for 2017/2018!

You can setup and use bots in your ad campaigns, you can use them to increase engagement on your posts and increase your list of subscribers.

Try this out:

1. Open messenger – search for 1800 flowers

2.Open the Bot inside of Messenger
3. Click on the Get started button


Now how cool is this? This to me is a revolutionary way to connect with your customers without ever picking up the phone again.

There are hundreds of ways you can use this technology for you business, the first step is to decide on what you want the app to do for you and your business, is it to order your product and service, make a booking, give away free training, get them onto your list, or incorporate both into a Facebook ads campaign.

I tried this just recently, I downloaded a software program called Many chats it is a free bot messenger application and can be completely customised to suit your business.

I created a campaign on Facebook that had a budge of $30, my goal was to advertise “Whats new in Facebook Marketing” and send the target market to watch this webinar on You tube.

I sent up a customised bot with the Many chat software. My results were as follows.

Ad spend $30 result 28 subscribers, cost per new lead $1.07

These people have subscribed to my messenger app exactly the same way as they would with email.

I can now send out broadcasts, continue to engage and update them with what’s new on Facebook and build that rapport and trust. Which we all know will have the end result of sales!

If you would like to try this, all you need to do is go to my recent Facebook Post and type in the comments below “YES” and you will experience first hand how the messenger bots can be used.

The future is here, if you have been wondering how you can best serve your client and gain new clients, have a look at the FREE training above and see if the Facebook Messenger bots are something you can work within your business marketing strategies.

Try it now, its not going to cost you anything!

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