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To Bot or Not?

Let’s Go on a Safari Walk!

This is a question that you as a business owner should be looking at now – Today!

63% of consumers like to engage with a bot for a business!


Because all of their questions are answered and they can make a decision based on your product or service.

So Why aren’t you botting?

I have had a fantastic week, teaching businesses owners the power of the bot and setting up 2 bot sequences for 2 amazing business women.

One had massive success at the recent Pag Mag expo and will be using the power of her bot at the Yorkeys festival and the other will be introducing the bot to their food outlet at Cairns Central and Smithfield as of Sunday.

In the early 2000s most business owners were rushing to get their websites created, in 2010s we saw a massive push towards social media and creating accounts, Now in the 2020s beyond not only do we have the ability to use facebook live streaming we will see a massive push towards AI and the communication tools like bots.

By 2020 more businesses will be looking at setting up at bot as they see their competitors using these devices.

So where are you placed on the live streaming and bot scale, are you sitting at a 1 or a 10? or where would you like to be?

To help you out I have added the Bot Agency and Live stream hosting to my list of services!

As a bot agency I can setup your bot and maintain it if you like
As a live streaming host, I can host your weekly/monthly show for you on your page!
If you would like to know more about any of these services just let me know with the code word


If you would like to win either of the above one free live streaming host show or a free bot setup. You need to go on a safari hunt…. lol

At the Yorkeys know festival and in the food court of either Smithfield and Cairns Central the above mentioned 2 business women will have their bots displayed. If you let me know who they are, you will go in the draw to win!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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