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The power of Youtube in 2019

We all have used YouTube.

Either searching for how to videos or entertainment.
What I find interesting is my two year old granddaughter knows how to use my iPhone better than me and navigate her favourite Peppa pig and wiggle shows. She has created 100 playlists on my account and often tweets to Twitter what she is currently watching.

Some of the other channels that she watches has over a million subscribers. Obviously little ones. The other day we were watching Peppa pig live on my Mac and when you are live on YouTube you have the same chatting abilities as Facebook. What was hiliarous was there were 1200 viewers live and they were chatting in letters and alphabet that made no sense.

The reason I would like to bring your attention back to YouTube as a marketing tool in 2019 is the power of this platform and the changes that we are seeing with our audience

First let’s look at the audience. There is a massive 180 deg shift as people move away from all the ads and only pull in the content that they want to watch. Like Netflix they are now only watching what they want for longer sessions.
We also have the AI like google home where the people can ask the device to search the net for them

Then we have a platform that is the second largest search engine that is also owned by google called. You guessed YouTube.

If you record videos and use keywords and your location you can easily get that video onto the front page of google.

Now we now that 95% of people use google to find information or Siri and the power is having your video right in front of them to watch.

This happened just the other day to one of our mates in the social media membership. She uploaded her videos and got a new appointment within a few days. Happy days.

You can easily do this. If you need any more support or training join me and the others business owners at social media mate for a limited time at $1 to test the site.

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Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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