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The Power of Networking!

OMG What did you say! that N word

Hey it can feel like that when you are starting out.
�Networking can be scary, we have to walk into a room full of people, normally on our own, find the bar, have that first drink and then start talking to complete strangers, I have been there.

and … I don’t think that it gets any easier in that environment, I am surely not one to hang out at those types of events.

I personally like the breakfast networking events, where you can chat to others, have some time to talk about your business ( that can be confronting also ) public speaking and learn.

Hello and welcome, My name is Leanne Peard your Socialmediaoologist, aka social media specialist and founder of the social media mate membership site, where you get everything you need for your business for a small fee of $25 pm…

I wanted to share with you just how powerful networking in real life is… yes social media networking is great, beneficial and you can hide… however nothing is more powerful than actually engaging and meeting people for real, you are able to build real time relationships and trust. Networking both online and offline is essential for our business success…

Every networking event I have been to I have always walked away with a great future contact and friendships are built over this time…

This brings me to share with you , the social media buzz…. its back, this is a training/networking event that I held 5 years ago with my daughter here in Cairns and I have decided its time for it to be reborn….

This event is a training breakfast and networking event, we will cover on the first event the strategies and your success in 2019. You will get a copy of my new book, the one page social media plan and access to the social media mates group for one moth.. The value of this is $135, and you can access for $57 if you are not a mate and $37 if you are…

If you would like to join me and a small group of business owners on the 15h February, comment with the word
Buzz below and my trusty #leebot will give you access.

Have a great Day!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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