So many times, I am asked, “Do blogs really work?” and I always ask them, “Have you ever read an article on the Internet before?”

More often than not they answer, “Yes.” You see a blog is the opportunity to showcase your expertise on the internet; you can have a blog or a vlog, either works well. A blog will allow you to search engine optimise your content on your website normally and a vlog can also be optimised on sites like YouTube and appear on the front page of Google.

Both are extremely powerful; however, if you think you are going to become an overnight success story because you now have a blog, you will be definitely disappointed. Having a blog is about writing or recording content that is continuously uploaded to the internet. The information that you have to share is invaluable to your readers and the more effort and consistency you apply the greater the reach and readership.

So, you decide to write a blog, and you want it to be a success; some things you may like to consider about your blog is the format. Will you have a blog on your existing website or will you have a separate site like WordPress? More often than not your web developer should be able to link the both for you.

Let’s discover the 10 steps to make your blog a success:


The title of your blog is just as important as the title of a book. This is the first thing the reader will see when they’re searching. Think about what your content will consist of and think of a catchy name for your blog. Not only should it be catchy, but the reader should know what your blog is about just from the title alone.


Don’t wait until the end of your blog or the middle of your blog to make your point. Readers should read the first sentence and know right away what point you’re trying to make. You want to keep their interest and keep it throughout your whole blog.


Using lists on your blog is great because it’s easy to read. In today’s world, people don’t really have time to sit in front of the computer reading. Often times they want something they can read quickly, to get the point from and move on.


You want to make sure your blog is one that’s link worthy. You want others to be so impressed with the information that you’re sharing that they would want to share it themselves. Having a like button or a share button on your blog is great for those people.


Would you want to sit and stare at a boring computer screen? Then you should know that your readers don’t want to either. Make your site attractive by using nice backgrounds, nothing too distracting and colours.


Using pictures and videos can make a world of difference in your blog.  Adding these things will draw more and more people to your site. Make sure it’s relevant to your blog and adds something to your content.


Make sure you remember your topic. Remember what you want your readers to take from your blog. Stay on the topic and really drive your point home. Jumping from topic to topic could cause confusion to your readers and make them not want to visit your site again.


Use keywords in your blog. This will make it easier for others to find your blog when they’re doing a Google search.


Keeping your blog between 500 to 800 words is the key. Too long and you may lose your audience and too short and you may not be able to make your point effectively.


Make sure your blog is creative and original. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of a thousand other blogs. You want there to be something different about your blog, and you want your audience to recognise it as well. If you find another bloggers article that is of interest to you, you can use their words, however, make sure that you backlink to the original article and give them credit.

Writing a blog is a timely task and one where we often can get stuck on what to write. My suggestion is to research a few titles or topics of interest, write down about 10 different items of interest that you know are in your area of expertise. Once you know what you want to write or talk about, then you are one step closer to creating your blog document or video.


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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