We were very thankful to Leanne and Amie for attending our Festival of Change and for sharing with us her knowledge and advice, the attendees to the Social Media Specialist sessions reported finding great value in the information provided.

We would absolutely work with Leanne and Amie again in our future events.

Caitlin Amesbury

Think Education Brisbane

I am two months into my internship and I was overwhelmed because all I had was a facebook page. I knew I needed more; I needed Pinterest and all these other ones, But didn’t know how to set it up.

Now after the workshop with Leanne all my social media is connected. She Shares so much knowledge, and I would highly recommend her courses.

Julie Stern

Director , Best Life Health and Fitness

I can Pretty much double my productivity and what I do.

The last couple of days I have spent with Leanne have been power packed. Social media is something that I struggled with, the time it took, scheduling was too much. Now with Leanne’s effective strategies I can pretty much double my productivity and what I do.

I absolutely recommend Leanne’s Social Media program. If you are sitting on a fence seek out Leanne- I highly recommend her.

Shannan Maciejewski

Row Fitness and Sports Training