Our online and face to face courses are delivered in the intensity of an 8-week program, they are designed to teach you all about the platforms and implement strategies to your success. You will receive a completion certificate to showcase the skills and knowledge that you have learned.

This is a great course for the busy business owner, to train staff members and for those looking at starting their own social media business.

The course consists of 8 modules which are self-paced online.


  • Module 1 - What is social media marketing and how to build a strategy
  • Module 2 - Facebook strategy, implementation and Ads
  • Module 3 - Instagram strategy, implement and hashtags
  • Module 4 - Video content, how to build a live show and own your space
  • Module 5 - Using Linkedin for profiling and cross marketing on Facebook
  • Module 6 - The power of blogs and repurposing our content.
  • Module 7 - Twitter strategy and implementation
  • Module 8 - Understanding the metrics and reading the insights