Social Media Training Cairns

Social Media Training Cairns is now here, Learn to Become a Social Media Manager in Your Own Town!

Social Media Cairns is an opportunity for you to learn social media and have face to face contact with me as your trainer each month.

We cover all of the social media platforms and at the completion of the course you will get your social media specialist certificate.

Social Media Specialist and Training Connections Australia (TCA) are offering business employers and employees the opportunity to up-skill themselves and access a Business Qualification Certificate III in Business that has been contextualised for Social Media Managers.

Why Become a Social Media Manager and Invest in development and skill training?

Becoming a Social Media Manager has many proven benefits for employers and employees. There is a high demand for social media skills in all businesses today. Many businesses owners are having trouble with online marketing and sales. Some of the issues are being able to stay up to date with marketing trends.

Up skilling your existing workforce is vital for your businesses longevity, quality  and competitive edge in today’s busy world of marketing!

Training Connections Australia (RTO 31714) has joined with the industry experienced Trainer/Assessor Leanne Peard to work through the monthly workshops, eLearning, webinars and support with your existing team to successfully achieve a qualification as a Social Media Manager BSB30115  Certificate III in Business. All work is conducted on the job, in the workshops and at the individuals

All work is conducted on the job, in the workshops and at the individuals own pace online, this is a nationally recognised qualification.

Why invest time in up-skilling existing team members or yourself in Social Media Management?

  • Small business can compete with the large companies
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising
  • Social networking and branding yourself through Social Media
  • Increase your word of mouth marketing.
  • Online reputation management
  • Increase customer service and sales conversions

How does the program work?

TCA’s experience specialist Leanne Peard from Social Media Specialist will discuss with you and your employees the options available, the enrolment process, documents required as part of the training, the workshop and webinar dates and maintain regular contact with you and your employees through the duration of the program, with a support period after the program has completed.

What Does the Certificate III  Business qualification include?

This Qualification requires 12 units of competency to be successfully completed. Units of competency are selected relevant to the business/work environment and the individuals experience, knowledge and skills. For Example, we will be covering:

  • Create a digital marketing plan
  • Defining your target market
  • Defining and understanding the difference between each social media platform
  • Email marketing and database building
  • Organise social media postings and automation
  • Create content
  • website interaction
  • Customer Service online

Plus 10 Face to Face Workshop

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Create a Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Webinars for Business
  • Twitter and Snapchat
  • Website reviewing and SEO
  • Customer service and reputation management

Why should you attend this Course?

  • You will learn step by step
  • This certificate is a Nationally accredited qualification BSB30115 Certificate III in Business.
  • You will stand apart from the crowd, having this certificate will guarantee your career advancement (average social media managers earn around $55,000).
  • Business owners, you will know that your social media marketing is being looked after correctly, giving you returns on your investment.

Your Competitors aren’t doing this

If there is one thing that I know for sure, from my market research, is that your competition is not doing Social Media well… this is your time to take all the latest tools and tips that I will teach you, to enhance your social media engagement and own your space locally and nationally if that is what your goal is.

How much does this cost and how can I get involved?

  • For information on fees,  please contact TCA for the details.
  • Contact us on 0427 695947 to get your registration form.
  • Outside of Cairns residents will have access to all workshop materials and study online also.

For more information on this training option, please contact me today!