Week 1: You will discover the Power of Social Media and how to determine where your target market actually are. No more wasting time posting for the sake of posting. Learn how to determine your target market and maximise your time on social media. Once you understand this module the rest, makes sense. Learn how to create a social media marketing strategy.

Week 2: Learn how to maximise your audience on Social Media, how to talk in their terms, how to make an impact. Understand the “Why” your business is on Social Media and discover how you can make sales and leads by implementing this step. (templates and forms will be supplied)

Week 3: Taking the confusion out of the Social Media Platforms to Chose. Discover the demographics of each platform, determine the power of the platform and come away with at least 3 manageable social media platforms to use for your business. Which will maximise your Return on your investment. Talk to the audience that wants and needs your services.

Week 4: Building your database, its important to realise that even though you build your audiences on Social Media, you really  have no control over those contacts. Making Your social media marketing work, involves you keeping in contact on a regular basis with your clients. We will learn how simple it is to create a Call to action, build a list so that you have control of the clients, not your social media platform.

Week 5: Learn how to create content that doesn’t do your head in. Simple and easy ways to create, find and distribute content that will maximise your results, creating content should take hours! Once you have learnt this simple trick you will be able to generate content and post regularly to increase your presence online.

Week 6: Social Media automation, lets learn how to automate our researched and created content, so that your Social Media time management should be no more than a few hours a week. We will also look at how to monitor the results and understand what and when your audience are using social media.

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