why is social media marketing importantSocial Media Training is Now Mandatory

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By 2020 Social Media Training will be as common as ethics and diversity training.
Selecting Staff members that have the Social Media Marketing Skill sets will be compulsory for your Business Success Social Media Training will be a key element in your recruitment of marketing and administration staff selection.

When Looking at Your Social Media Training, Consider what exactly you want to achieve, What is your Target Market and Develop a Social Media Strategy that can be implemented by your skilled staff.

At Social Media Specialist, we are Certified Accredited Trainers in Business and Social Media Marketing. Our Team will design and develop a customised Social Media Training for your Staff or alternatively, we offer generic online training.

Our Training can be delivered in small groups to a maximum of 25.

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Enrolments are always open, the training is  being delivered in Cairns in a blended learning environment (10 x face to face workshops) and online. If you are outside of the Cairns area you will have complete access to all the learning resources inside the online portal, plus support from your Trainer.

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The Social Media Certificate gives you the skills to practically implement, manage and monitor successful social media profiles for individuals and business through our online learning platforms. The Social Media specialist course is designed for those who see the potential of engaging with consumers to build a community. You just need a very basic understanding of the fundamentals of social media platforms. Knowing how to use Facebook is enough.

Developed by social media specialist Leanne Peard, students will be taken step-by-step through the social media marketing landscape, and will learn how to:

  • How to create a social media strategy
  • Define the target market
  • Promote and grow their business using free online tools,
  • Boost sales and sell products and services online,
  • Create valuable long-term relationships with customers,
  • Build strong online communities,
  • Get feedback from these online communities to help refine and develop business ideas.

Who is Social Media Specialist Certificate for?

With the progression, expansion and popularity of social networking sites, new media professions have been born such as the “social media manager” (SMM). SMM is just one of the new career opportunities arising in this new economy and you can read more about the skills needed to be a successful SMM here.

Over the last two years, I have written a unique course known as Social Media Specialist. Social Media Specialist can be completed as a professional development non-accredited course.

The course was inspired by a dream to educate people about the infinite potential social media has for them as an affordable marketing channel.

Social Media Specialist is delivered in a blended learning environment (Cairns Only), 10 Face to Facebook workshops and online learning platform.

For outside of Cairns – you have the option to full access to online learning with the support of your trainer.

Additionally, we have 1 hour per week for support if needed plus you will have access to a Facebook group page for more support and social media discussions.

Career Opportunities

Occupational titles may include:

  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Public Relations (Social Media Specialist)
  • Digital Communications Officer
  • Social Media Administrator
  • IT or Online Development Clerk
  • Reputation Management Clerk
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • E-business Practitioner
  • Marketing Support
  • Office Administration Assistant

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