Social Media Etiquette – Is it necessary?

To whom am I talking to…. Thank You!!!  A great friend said to me today, be true to you… and that is one of my top five values.. is being authentic…

I love personal development, it’s my thing, I suppose you can say that I am hooked, I also take action, so if I read a book, I do what it says, if I take a course, I keep going until I master it… If I am triggered, or don’t like what someone says, I look at myself and work out why, and how can I improve. I do my best not to cast blame ( verbally), I love feedback, good and the bad because this allows me to grow….So Facebook friends I thank you…. In the past month, I have learnt a great deal about this social media platform, and yet you would think after 11 years of using it, I might have all the bases covered… well, the technical side I definitely do… the people side just never ceases to amaze me…In the years I have helped pull down Facebook pages, with my daughter that was absolute bully of a young 14 old girl through our own investigations and nothing that the authorities were willing to help, I have helped business owners see their profits and SEO increase, I have seen business owners targeted with vicious reviews, because a mate said this and that, I have seen amazing stories, beautiful friends photos, and their lives growing and yes I have stalked a few people also… aka Amie…  and more importantly, if you are added to my Facebook friends list.. its because I respect you, I have met you in person, or we have some mutual connection and that connection is something that I respect….. so should there be etiquette on social media?

Let me share what I do,, I don’t have an opinion on peoples posts, I may voice my thoughts to my family ( just ask them they will tell you), or if it is really close to home like violence against women or children, I will add my 2 cents worth, however normally unless I am asked for it.. hey Leanne what do you think of xyz….. I will share my thoughts if you make an opinion on my posts… what you will get is the authentic version, not some BS… I want you to like my response…. If I post how to make banana ice cream, its because I want to remember where the recipe is and make it …… one day…… but basically its all just content….. and what you do with that content on my wall, is entirely up to you………. If it upsets you… maybe you need to work on that…. If you like it … maybe you need to share it…

Questions you may choose to ask yourself?

  1. Should I target a specific audience with this message?
  2. Will anyone really care about this content besides me?
  3. Will I offend anyone with this content? If so, who? Does it matter?
  4. Is this appropriate for a social portal, or would it best be communicated another way?
  5. How many times have I already posted something today? (More than three can be excessive.)
  6. Did I spell check?
  7. Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this post!
  8. Is this post too vague? Will everyone understand what I’m saying?
  9. Am I using this as an emotional dumping ground? If so, why? Is a different outlet better for these purposes?
  10. Am I using too many abbreviations in this post and starting to sound like a teenager?
  11. Is this reactive communication or is it well thought-out?
  12. Is this really something I want to share, or is it just me venting?

Run through these 12 questions in your mind–before clicking “post.” Trust me–you’ll be happy you double-checked before sharing with the world.

So again, I say thank you….

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Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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