If Social Media and its functions seems like another language to you, then you are not alone.

Social media is the new kid on the block, when we think about marketing in general, however it is fast become a must have tool for your business success today and tomorrow.

Let me break down a few basics about social media for you;

Social media is not the only form of marketing, as you would be aware, there are other forms of media that you have been using in the past, these may include magazines, newspaper advertising, flyers, letters and letter box drops.

There is a key that most people forget about and that is that Social Media Marketing is apart of your traditional marketing strategies, it by no means will replace the tradition, think about your marketing as a web.. A web that makes up the traditional and the new media; social media.

Now some businesses have only used Social media and gain all their business from sites like Facebook; this may be the case, it all comes down the basics of any business, the niche, the target market.

As a business owner, or prospective business owner social media is a fantastic tool to included, because it is free (other than the paid adds) it is a great tool to assist in your SEO (search engine optimization) and it can be seriously fun.. Social media marketing drives traffic to your website, your blogs, other social media sites; this all depends on your strategy and every business should have a clear strategy on their social media marketing and a social media policy for their workers.

The biggest mistakes that I see business owners doing, is gaining followers of twitter, likes on Facebook business pages, followers on Google plus, hits on their websites… and not converting any of these into list building.. What a complete waste of your time and energy. These hits, likes, followers etc are potential sales and leads. This is why a social media strategy is extremely important for your success in social media.

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