It Doesn’t matter what business you are in online or offline, It Doesn’t matter what industry you are in! It Doesn’t matter what you like to do! The statistics for 2014 have been released, and if you are not online your business is going to be left behind. For Some Business owners I beleive that they have missed the Social Mark, however their is still the opportunity to tap into the mobile networks. I know that each and every business throughout the world has a customer base, many of these customers are loyal and love using your services. Many business owners are not embracing this opportunity of following customers to enhance their marketing strategy. Just recently I had the privilege of going to a coffee shop, Now I have 90% of my business meetings in Coffee Shops, however when I walked into this one, It was having coffee in my lounge room, the atmosphere was friendly, caring and truly amazing… The owners were pleasant and couldnt be any more helpful. Needless to say that I now visit this Coffee Shop everyday, I dont even consider or remember the other Coffee shops that I have been too in the past.

So how does this work with Social Media and Mobiles… Well If you already have a following of customers, why not embrace word of mouth marketing? Why not embrace that energy that your customers are giving you and develop a strategy whereas they are only to willing to share information about your business and services! This can be anything from:

  • Having A Competition
  • Sharing your favorite coffee art with your own social network (talking about my coffee shop here)
  • Having a mobile app, they could order their coffee or lunch before they arrive (we all know how busy we are during our hour break)

These are only 3 ideas that I have come up with, however I can assure you , that when you take the time to sit with me my Creative Genius will light up and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of

specific and unique ideas that I will have for your business.

If you would like to have a consult about your strategy or maybe the development of a mobile app, Please feel free to contact me on 0426 695 947 or email

Don’t forget to check out your Google report on your Reputation online, This is extremely important for all business owners.

Leave me your thoughts, always open to new ideas and suggestions, feedback to.

Live love and laugh and dont forget to be social 😉 Cheers Leanne

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