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Social Media Show – This week we are chatting about you and your business, how you need to adjust your social media marketing and implement a strategy around Live Video Broadcasting.

If you need to ask me a questions please do……. in the box below!

The biggest problem with being a business owner is…. us… we in the early startups of our business are super busy, because we have to be and then once we are earning income we settle back for a bit and then start to grow, so for us as a business owner, we are forever pulling and throwing, back and forth in the space of operating our business, then we add this entire social media marketing thing into the mix, and our heads feel like they are going to explode, and its forever changing. We also have to face our fears, because being social on social media is not that comfortable for all of us.

On the weekend I was fortunate to hang around with 200 other Cairns locals at the Dr Espen event.

Whilst we were there a couple in front of  us was taking selfies. One of the ladies sitting next to me said, Why do we need to go to this extent?

Selfies…. I had to giggle to myself and said we have to… and she was adamant that she wasn’t going to do that….

Ladies…. the future of your business is being in front of a camera.

That is what our audience now consume from social networks and our up and coming client base are consumed in video….

So what is your business going to look like in the next 12 months?

We already know that our organic reach on Facebook business pages is non existent.

We know that we need to have a budget for marketing on Facebook.

We know that many of our competitors are NOT using live video.

Inside my social media mate training we have a wonderful group of business owners where you can go live and practice if you like.

My suggestion to you is to create a live streaming show, you already have an abundance of knowledge that you can share with your audience, to showcase your awesomeness and build the trust and like factor.

You can then repurpose this live event across multiple social media platforms and add a few dollars to use an engagement post inside facebook ads manager.

If you still aren’t feeling the love of hosting your own show, let me be your host! I have just developed the Local Live Video Hosting option, I will be on your page, interviewing you about your business. If you would like more information about the package.

Be sure to hit the little speech bubble and add the word video!

Lol – the joys of being diplomatic and knowing what not to say as engagement bait..

Guys – live streaming is here to stay, let us make sure you are the first to own your space.

Talk to you soon!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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