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What do you do when that moment of awkward silence fills the room?

Have you ever been in a situation where that awkward silence fills the room?

On Saturday I was blessed to be thrown a a surprise party for my 50th, after the doors opened and everyone said “Surprise” I found myself not knowing what to say a few tears rolling down my face and a very awkward silence, as I had never had a surprise party before I wasn’t really sure what was suppose to happen next….

So what the hell does this have to do with engagement and social media? great question.

You see the awkward silence disappeared as soon as someone makes the first move and engages, so whether that was me saying something or someone approaching me, once this happened the rest of the room seemed to start engaging again with everyone, I had a drink put in my hand someone else turned the music on and there was chatter everywhere.

With social media and your content, it takes someone to make the first step, or to reach out to start the engagement, sometimes with our content online there is no engagement as we have not addressed our market, we haven’t built rapport or trust with them, or we may not be using the right platforms or content tools.

Whatever it is we need to take the first step and embrace the audience even if it does feel awkward.

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The point I would like to address is that when you past content online you need to look at the best way that you and your audience can start engaging in a conversation that will build trust and rapport.

Social is about being social.


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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