No one likes a bragger….
In Australia when someone does, we call this Tall Polly Sydrome


If you do not stack your wins, no one knows what they are.

Russell Brunson (from Click Funnels) calls it framing.

When you frame yourself as an expert, customers follow.

I want you to learn how to stack your wins – which is a HUGE reason why I’ve been successful.

Here’s the crazy thing though…. You’re under-estimating your wins, FOR SURE.

Remember that client that I had that is making over $20,000 every month selling a product on Facebook! or the small business that said Facebook Advertising will never work and now spends $50 an ad campaign to make over $3000 in bookings?
What about the 40 plus students that are successfully gaining employment and the social media skills to become Australia’s best social media managers?

So – even the campaigns with nightmare (or just naughty) clients can be spun into wins.

Remember that time you grew your Twitter following by 1000 followers in 1 month? WIN.

or your Instagram account by 127 followers in 7 days! WIN

Or the FB post you made that drew an audience of 1.3k views? WIN.

Or even that time you helped a client with customer service to win over a customer worth 5-figures? WIN.

Write them all down in a notepad, or in an Excel spreadsheet. Wherever you brainstorm best.

Rack your brain, let’s brainstorm the wins you’ve had. If you need help with this, post some of your numbers in the FB group, and I’ll show you how to stack. those. wins.

See you tomorrow!
Leanne x

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