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Ladies, When opportunity knocks it’s too late to prepare that’s a fair statement right now we have more opportunities than we ever have had and yet many for many of us, we are still wondering what to do next in our business and marketing.

Are you letting these massive opportunities slip by? I hope not

Hello, I am Leanne Peard, the founder of social media specialist and the social media mate membership site and

if stay to the end of this video and I am going to give you a chance to work with me for FREE – Why Because today is my birthday!

anyways back to business for a minute

Let me tell you a little story this time last year there was a massive update with facebook algorithm, which reduced the organic reach of your posts to less than 1%, unfortunate yes, does it suck yes, its just the way the beast works.

However, business owners are still trying to use this platform to attract people however to their business using the Old Way of marketing, you may be posting content for the sake of posting content and if you are not getting engagement you are actually being penalised by facebook.

What is the answer? Well I am in a bit of a conundrum at the moment, I love facebook live videos, I know from my statistics that they work and I have many clients that have become mates in my social media mate membership from this, But I am human ( hard to believe right) but I have my moments and a few months ago I stopped using Facebook live because the big guys in media said from their statistics it didn’t work and one of my main gurus Frank Kern, wasn’t even on Facebook…. hmmm this left me contemplating was I wrong?

Back to the drawing board and started working on other ways to attract my clients, people like you to my business.

Then Surprise surprise up popped Frank Kern, doing live videos and I was like Wait a minute, you are a little late Frank, but he told the story about how the algorithm affected his business and he had a huge mindset change about this whole Facebook thingy…. *go check out Franks videos on his page and see for yourself!

That left me feeling like a complete twit…. I should never have stopped, I should have continued to trust myself and become the superstar’s Self-person media guru

See you need to be the guru of your brand, this builds trust and the future of social media marketing is you!

So if you have seen this happen or maybe you are not sure then you may like to consider becoming s social media mate and join other business owners who are learning how to develop an algorithm proof strategy and keep ip to date with what’s new if that’s something that you may be interested in just leave me to comment using the number 50 and my trusty not so trusty #leebot will give you access today for

FREE, because it’s my birthday

I am giving away 50 free memberships to my social media mate training, for 50 days… to get access you just need to comment below with the

number 50

and #leebot should activate a message for you…

Happy Birthday to Me and have a great day!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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