The Importance of Social Media for Business

I am sure by now you are well aware of what Social Media is, and possibly you are on these platforms using them for your own social interaction.

As a business owner though, you may be still struggling with the importance of social media for your business!

Using social media for your business is an essential part of your marketing success, most consumers today will goto any of the social media channels to see if you have an online presence, having an online presence will assist your website traffic and SEO through what we know as social signals.

As a busy business owner, though, it is still extremely hard to block out time for you to make this social media marketing a success and dedicate your time and efforts to this social media marketing.

Sometimes, we need to work on our business and not in it, understanding and focus on the success that social media for your business will bring you, here are a few suggestions to assist:

1. Branding – using social media for you business assists in your branding online. Over 80% of consumers will access their mobile device to look for a business (especially locally), they will search on Google for keywords like e.g. Cafes Cairns etc. By having a social media presence your website, Youtube video, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page will and can be on the front page of Google.

2. Customer Service – you would have seen people asking for recommendations on Facebook. The consumer today will research and ask for recommendations prior to walking into a store or making a phone call to make the purchase, they are completely educated about what they need. By having a presence on social media word of mouth marketing takes on its own form when asking for recommendations, other customers of yours can tag you in a post to let you know that their friends are looking for a business like yours.

It also allows your current and prospective clients to make contact with your business and gives you access to be able to answer any of their questions.

3. Social media marketing is more effective with your Return on your investment and far less expensive than the traditional forms of marketing that you would have used in the past. From as little a as a few dollars you can generate leads and sales from a Facebook Ads campaign.

4. SEO and website traffic – using effective, engaging content your business will be able to drive traffic back to their website and encourage the users to share the content. The use of social media posts will result in social signals which will and can increase your SEO on your website.

As you can see using social media for your business is an integral part of your marketing, every business owner should take time out from their business and create a social media marketing plan, a content schedule and identify who their ideal client is. From these small, however essential steps, your business will reap the benefits of social media marketing, years from now.

For your success either as a Business owner or a social media manager you must develop your strategy, this doesn’t have to be a 10 page report, it can be a simple excel spreadsheet or word document with a plan on what you are going to achieve.

If you are interested in becoming a social media manager or a business owner looking for success online, join me on my live event!


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