Do you like spiders? Are you a spider? In your business do you build a web for your marketing to catch leads and sales?????

Last night Amie came over and her head lights were shining into my door, she saw a massive web coming from the corner of our house to the bushes and it was a golden orb spider. She showed us and decided to walk around the long way to reach the front door.

Heath went out and relocated the web from the pathway to the bushes on the same side, leaving the path clear for us in the morning.

We woke up this morning and he had built his web again across the walkway.

This made me think about us and business, including social media! We as business owners are the spiders and the webs, and Facebook and other platforms are use the big people. The big people change the path of the platforms, algorithms, ads not being approved, removing likes and follows, not showing views on videos etc etc. We as the business owner (spider) have to adapt to these changes. Some of us don’t and some of us look for ways to move back around and cross the same path again. (working smarter)

Recently the big changes came in about engagement bait and competitions. Both were a great way to increase our organic traffic….

With these recent changes we are not allowed to use certain words and to have a competition we need to jump through a few hoops, both were extremely helpful for businesses to grow the profile, build engagement and likes quickly (organically)… However we can’t do that anymore…. or can we??????

There are platforms that you can pay for like 22social for $197 per year… or you can do it for FREE..

Even though I see many big companies doing and using these strategies, Facebook may be turning a blind eye to them as they are spending $$$$ in marketing, but for you and me there is a good chance that we can be put in FB jail, I know, one of my facebook ads accounts has been in jail since 2010…. lucky I have a few family members that still trust me and share their accounts.. yes they are nervous lol.

So what if I told you that there is a way around this… a way that will help you get more likes, follows and subscribers for free… and it is totally legal… that’s weird to say that… 

Yesterday I built a bot hat is purely for competitions and will not get you in trouble with facebook.

Would you like to know how?????

Well today is your lucky day, I am going to run a competition, and giveaway the template for the competition and my messenger bot training for to the lucky winner

To enter you need to put the code word in 


Win a copy of the template and my bot training course, where I will show you how to grow your FB, Instagram, and YT organically, how to grow a list (bots).

Now…. for those of you that can’t wait… you can access this template and training today! I know you are watching…..

All you need to do is use the code word

Buy now and you can access all of this for  $47

I will draw the competition next Friday and see who the lucky person is!

Have a great weekend!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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