How to use Google plus?

Google plus was first introduced in the year 2011 and at that time, it met a lot of skepticism. Joining already established social networks like Facebook and Twitter was quite risky as many people never really thought of any other platforms for social engagement. Since then, when looked at present context, it has already established itself as world’s second largest social media site with 235 million active users monthly. Google plus definitely includes the ‘social’, ‘people; and ‘communication’; however, its neither Facebook nor Twitter. It is somehow different as the vision is to bring all people together in context of many Google’s service and indeed it is something to experience yourself rather than reading over some pages. You will surely feel the difference. Many of you, who are new to Google plus or are thinking of joining Google plus may have confusions on how to use Google plus. Well, here a brief guide to make you land to another great Social platform – Google plus.

Create Google Account

You need to begin by creating a Google Account. Enter “” on the browser and click “Create an Account”. Provide information as necessary and add your picture. Your profile will be ready in few minutes.

Create Your Circles

When you access Google+ for the first time, it will prompt you to add people you may know or want to follow. These are called Circles. Similar to Twitter on how you follow the people and remain updated about them, Google plus allow you to add someone to Circle for “Family,” “Friends,” “Acquaintances” and “Following as Default. You can create new circles when needed. It is similar like creating list in Facebook.

Adding Details to your Google+ Profile

You will have to update our information such as current place of employment, your academic background, your address and interests to make your profile an information package. These sections are set to public initially; however, you can change this setting to limit the visibility of the information. Add profile picture and on top of that there is Cover Picture; you have come across it on Facebook but the difference is Google takes it to extreme level of 2120 x 1192 pixels. With all your information set, get ready to explore the new network.

Posting on the Platform

Posting in Google plus is easy as you can target your posts to a small group or to a large group or simply everyone. Similar to Facebook, you can tag people and notify them about your posts.


Here, users can have ongoing discussions on various topics and you might find something that interests you personally. This is the active area in Google+ and the topic ranges from social media – animals – comedies and many more. You may or may not have to request to join the community depending upon whether it is public or private communities.


Google hangouts have always been popular; you have hangouts in three versions – the text chat version, private Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. You can host a video chat or simply send texts. Hangout lets you communicate with your circle buddies.


Individuals can create their own event and integrate with the Google Calendar. Add Strong title, date and time, location and any more details to create an awareness regarding your event over the circles.


Users can upload photos and also see what their circles have been uploading. Create albums, add photos, create and share the fun.

These were the basics for getting familiar with Google plus and of course there are many more to reveal. Try using it to get it all Google plus offers!

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Google Plus is growing stronger by the minute, with an average of eight hundred thousand users signing up for an account every month. Despite its obvious benefits to brand’s social media strategies, many are still yet to embrace the opportunities

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