Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your text messaging, and create amazing content online? Well, for some of you, you may remember seeing Bitstrips last year on Facebook, which was like this little comic strip, three or four pictures, with a little bit of a spiel. Well, Bitstrips have now created Bitmoji, so today in this video, I’m going to show you how to do that. The first thing you need to do is go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Bitmoji app, which looks like this. Once it’s downloaded, you then create your avatar, so the first time using Bitmoji, they will actually prompt you to do this, but because I’ve already done it, already created my avatar, I’m just going to go through and show you what, and how easy it is to do so.
The first step, obviously, is checking out your hairstyle, so from here, you can choose the different styles of hair that you want, so I’ll just change my hairstyle, just so that you can see. Maybe a ponytail, or a bit of a up-bun, like that one. I’ve got my hair out curly, but anyway, most times, I try to like my hair straight. The next check, the next point is your eyebrows, so you create those. Your eyebrow color. Your eye color. Your nose. Your mouth. Your eye details, which is your little wrinkles or lines, laugh lines. Your cheek details. Facial lines, and then some blush, if you’re a female.

img_3168 img_3169 img_3170 Then we can add a little bit of eyeshadow if you’re a girl, also, and some lipstick. If you wear reading glasses, or you’d like sunglasses, you can add those as well. If you wear any headgear, you can choose some sort of headgear, and then obviously the build of your body. Once you’ve done that, you can then select your wardrobe, so today, because I’m having a casual day at home, doing a few coaching calls, I’ve selected to go just jeans and t-shirt. However, you can choose whatever outfit you like, and you can also choose different costumes. I won’t show you all of them, but you can flick through and have some fun here in choosing the type of costume that you would like to choose. Even superheroes, so if I want to be Super Woman or Super Man for the day, I can. Now the next thing we do is go back to the Bitmoji. Down on the bottom, you will see the star, the exclamation mark, the love heart, the smiley face, the not social, and the presents. Now we’re just waiting for this to load.

You will see now that you can choose from different comments, so let’s find something. Oh, so let’s just say that I’m going to exercise for the day, or I’m about to do some exercise, I can now share that on Facebook, just by pushing the Facebook icon, and make a comment, or I can send it as a message to someone through the message button to whoever. I can save it to my camera roll through the save button. If you’ve got friends that are obviously having happy birthdays or birthdays on Facebook, you could do the happy birthday icon or any other icon for that matter. You can email it, and you can Twitter it, and you can copy it, so that’s how easy it is to create and share your Bitmoji, and there is hundreds of them.

You change your outfit, your settings, etc. Now if you’re wanting to use a Bitmoji to comment on somebody’s post on Facebook, you would then have to save that to your camera roll, and then upload that through Facebook icon, so for example, you’d have to get out of here now, and then go over to Facebook, and then upload a picture through your photo icon here. Go there, and then you’d select one of those photos. Now once you’ve downloaded your Bitmoji, it will also prompt you to change your keyboard on your phone, so you need to go into … I hope I get this right.
General, and then keyboard, and then you’ll have keyboards here. I’ve already got my Bitmoji in, but you would add a new keyboard, and it would propagate up here for you to choose. That’s it. That’s a cool new tool that I’m playing with for somebody a little bit older, who doesn’t want to text message, or finds a struggle in writing so many texts with my phone. I really don’t have that much time to write stories, so now I can make my point. I can have a bit of fun using the Bitmoji app, and I actually think it’s rather cool, and it may not look exactly like me, but somewhat like me.
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