How do we manage running our business, find time to post on social media and still tap into our creativity and create amazing content for our business?

The biggest challenge that I find is that I have less and less time as my business grows to create content. Sometimes I find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of the above and other parts of my work/life balance will suffer, or I will get overwhelmed and not take any action. Not good. The success of our social media marketing depends on consistency, which means we need to find ways to create content for our businesses with ease and grace … Love that!

In this article I will share with you some really cool content hacks to help you and your marketing online:


This tool is going to help you with the rest of the content creation. The first step is to go to and think about one ‘keyword’ that relates to your business; anything that your client would be interested in your business or what they may search. An example might be personal development; when you enter personal development into Google, you will see a load of content come up on the first page.

Add the keyword everywhere google chrome extension to your browser, and now you will have on the right-hand side of your search a number of related topics that will assist you in determining what your content will be about. You can use these titles and topics to create a blog post, a video or audio content.

Take this one step further, click on the article and then go to that person’s social accounts to see what type of interaction they are getting and the number of engagements (also what is the content they are posting, is it video only, pictures or articles).


This hack can be a little overwhelming to start with, you may not feel that confident getting someone else to create your content, or you may not have the cash to outsource as you are doing everything in your business to generate more cash and reduce expenses. However, creating content consistently is the key to making and driving traffic back to your product or services, and marketing is the only expense in the profit and loss account that will give you revenue.

A few sites I have been using to start off with is and (HARO). In the beginning, I used due to the cost (around $5.00) and I would get intros and outros for my videos created, logos, email signatures. Feedback from others and my experience are that sometimes you can have a great freelancer deliver work and sometimes the work is not what you may have expected. However, it does save you time on those fiddly little pieces of work that you may or may not have the knowledge and experience to create., I find is the next step above I have used Upwork for a number of outsourcing activities, the biggest being creating websites. I know how to create a WordPress site, but again time is a factor, and I have found brilliant webmasters on this site who have created all my sites for under $500.00. I have used Upwork for blog writing, ghostwriting my eBooks and just recently to set up my sinology drive system (don’t ask what this is, I only know that it works as a backup cloud, hence why I am outsourcing the “How do I setup and sync” for this!).

If you are a guest blogger and often find it difficult to write your content or maybe you are having a writer’s block moment, I have used (HARO). You can post your blog title, and others will contribute to your blog, and you can then turn this into a video or audio file.

If you are creating videos, you can also outsource the editing, the uploading; find a ‘genius’ that is a videographer who can assist.


Write your content in one session, for example, write all your posts for Instagram on a Friday for the up and coming week, then if something comes up you don’t have to worry about what you are posting. Use this approach if you use YouTube for your video content creation, allow a full day to create your videos, then send them to the ‘genius’ as mentioned above to edit and upload for you.

The same for blog writing, make time to write all your blogs on a particular day of the week then you can repurpose them either by video, audio or posts on other social media platforms. For Twitter, gather a number of quotes and use a social posting platform like Hootsuite to schedule your twitter posts for months in advance, you can also repurpose any of the videos from YouTube or Facebook Live to Twitter.


This is my lifesaver! I often do Facebook Live videos (internet connectivity permitting) once the event is finished, I will send the video to a site called and get the video transcribed, I take the transcription and then create a blog post on my website.

I will upload the video from Facebook to YouTube and then repurpose the video to other platforms like Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories. You can see that one video, created once a week, now has multiple opportunities to be repurposed. Saving time and content creation overwhelm. You can also reverse this process; if you are a writer, you can turn your blog posts into video content and then upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Note that these platforms have a limit on the time length of a video; get your ‘genius’ to split the original video into small videos, so you have multiple pieces of content once again.

From the above hacks, I hope that you can see content creation does not need to be overwhelming. The key is to find what you are comfortable with creating; whether that be writing, being in front of the camera or audio. Create content around what you do well and are comfortable with then repurpose into the other mediums and platforms.

Don’t forget that outsourcing will help you create momentum and be able to consistently upload awesome content that will place you as the expert, the go-to person in your field.

Go create and have fun!

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