Are you looking for a job on internet sites like etc. and sending your resume in a hope of a getting job? For sure you are not the only one who is doing this right now. There are thousands of unemployed people who are doing the same but the truth is that only 14% people get hired by this way and 42% are hired through the job board of a company. One of the Social Recruiting Survey revealed this crucial information in 2013 in which many human resource professionals and recruiters were included.

These days, social media recruiting is getting more popular and trendy. Companies are recruiting employees through social media. A study shows that about 94% recruiters of different industries have adapted this method. The most useful sites as considered by recruiters are the LinkedIn and Facebook. Around 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn and 74% use Facebook to hire the best candidate for the job.

The presence of a job seeker on social media is very important, as most of the recruitment is being done by networking today. A survey by discloses that in spite of high rate of recruitment by social media, only 29% people avail it to get jobs.

As most of the recruiters use LinkedIn and Facebook, so particularly concentrate on these two sites but don’t forget Twitter has more recruiters than Facebook.

Understand what sites are used for what purposes:

Every website has its own worth and companies use them accordingly. Facebook is chiefly used for marketing and promoting purposes. Companies use it to let people know about their products, reputation and job opportunities. They also encourage their employees to inform their friends about the company and persuade them to follow company’s page on Facebook and other social networking sites. Several companies use Facebook today to bring new eligible employees to their company by various referral programs. They also appreciate their current employees for bringing new employees by giving bonuses and prizes to them.

Usually Twitter is used by companies to represent them in a warm manner. They also announce jobs via tweets which are free of cost and easily reachable. These tweets can also lead people to company’s website.

Understand what recruiters look for on social networks:

Still today most people pay more attention to their resumes than their social media profile. But all reputed companies have adapted the strategy of hiring new employees by exploring their social media profiles and their connections, such as on LinkedIn. Try to make an impressive and overwhelming social media profile to attract more employers.


Following are the most beneficial tips for getting job via social media:

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Check regularly for its accuracy and for any new information that need to be inserted immediately. Highlight your skills, accomplishments and positions of your previous and current jobs.
  2. Present your knowledge in such a way that people will admit you are an expert in your field. Join groups on LinkedIn related to your job and skills. Also join other social media sites which are offering great information relevant to your job.
  3. Join Twitter to follow and connect with companies of your interest.
  4. Mention about your volunteer activities and charitable donations to have a good impact. You can also mention reasons of your work.
  5. Avoid adding any vulgar stuff on social media like picture of yourself drinking or doing any illegal work, avoid posting and tweeting anything of sexual nature, and try to avoid any spelling mistake or grammatical error because all these things leave a bad impression on recruiter and prevent him from hiring you.

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