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How to create a custom frame for Facebook!

Welcome to this weeks Social Media Show – I am Leanne Peard your Live Local Video Host and Founder of Social Media Mate.

In this weeks show I am going to show you how you can create a custom frame for your Facebook stories and how you can use this awesome feature in your business!

1. Create your graphics/frame in, this platform is where you can create and play with your magic frame, use the custom frames to start with or start from scratch. Download the frame to your desktop when you are satisfied and ready to upload to Facebook.

2. Open up Facebook Frames and you will see this platform. Be sure to untoggle the two switches on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Upload your frame image and drag, reshape and move to where you would like the frame situated.

3. Next, schedule the location and time delivery of your frame, once you are sure that you have your frame set for this time frame, click publish, it may take Facebook 1 to 3 days to approve your frame and then you will see it published in the frames section of your Facebook stores, effects!

What can you use your frame for? Great Question, like I mention in the video above, I have created a custom frame for my granddaughters third birthday party this will be set live only during the month of her birthday and we will use this for our guests at her party.

You can create everyday frames that everyone will love to use, like the one in the video “Today I am…..” this will encourage more users to use your frame and see your name attached as the creator.

You can create a custom frame like “Today I was at the Messenger bot training” this can be used for the guest to use at a event or workshop, or any custom event that you are hosting.

The sky is the limit as far as uses for the custom frames, I love that you can be creative and have multiple frames uploaded and use them to showcase your business, for brand awareness.

Happy Framing!
I can’t wait to see yours in my effects on Facebook!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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