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How to change your Instagram profile to a business account

Hello and welcome. This is Leanne Peard giving you the social media minute for today. I just want to show you the new app features inside Instagram. When you go to the iPhone device and you go to Instagram, if you want to check out whether or not your business profile can update the new Instagram … Sorry, your personal profile can update the new Instagram profile what you need to do is click on the middle button down at the bottom, your profile, go up to the little cog at the top. If you see here, switch back to personal account, I’ve already gone to business account so I’ve installed the upgrade for my Instagram profile to be a business profile.
What does this actually do for you? You can switch back at any time but what it gives you is the option and the features that you don’t get in your normal Instagram profile page. Switching to a business page is like a Facebook page.
People can actually now contact you so see the contact button here. They can call me, they can email me, or they can get directions. That’s one of the features that it has.
You can actually have a look at the engagements. If you want to have a look at the engagement you can explore that through insight. If we go to … You see the little bar icon there, that will show you the insight so now you can see which posts are actually performing the best. By the little insights. You can go and see more. You can see who your demographic is, so the gender. You can see the age group, the top locations, the followers on that particular day. What does this mean? There you go you’ve got a description as well. You can now see your insights from within Instagram.
If we go back you can see more on your posts, the top posts, and how many people are engaging with that. The top followers. Let’s click on an image and you can see you’ve also got view insights here. I can see 72 impressions, 49 reach, 24 engagement. You can actually gauge which posts are making a difference and which posts are actually getting you into the Instagram feed.
Now you can also promote your posts within the Instagram app. What a tongue twister that is. In order to do that, promote, and then exactly like Facebook you’ve got the option to gave an action button so you can select an action button. Learn more, watch more, shop more, or buy now. You can automate it. You can automate the audience or you can create your own targeted audience as you have in Facebook which is really cool. Then you can select your budget, set your own, and the amount of days. Now how super cool is that?
If you switch from Instagram to the business account and you don’t like this well then you could always switch back like I said back to profile, back to this button here, and switch back. You can also link your accounts. You’ve got the opportunity to link a lot more accounts if you wish to. That’s probably about it. It’s pretty cool, the Instagram business feed. What do you think? If you like this video, leave me a message below in the comments section or let me know what you think about the new Instagram feature. I think it’s absolutely cool. Ciao for now.


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Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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