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Happy Social Media Managers Day!

Today I am sharing 10 essential skills to become a social media manager!

How to become a social media manager?

15 years ago there was no career or profession called social media manager, actually a number of the professionals in this space said that the role would become non existent.

10 years ago I started Social Media Specialist a business to help business owners strategise and navigate the world of social media marketing, fast forward to today, my business name is the of this profession, social media specialist!

There are essential skills that you must look for and have to be an effective social media manager.

The first is my absolute favourite:

Strategy – your social media manager must be able to see the big picture of your business, define your goals, tap into your target market and use the correct content on the right platforms.

Tactical execution – your manager must be able to have attention to detail, be able to see the content, create and deliver.

Community – being present to the number of comments and responses from the community, this is more than monitoring your own page, this includes groups and recommendations.

Understanding your content strategy – Using the right content on the right platform, knowing when to use a blog, video, live video or just a picture.

Optimising content and SEO for Google – A great social media manager must understand that content, keywords and Google are essential in your online digital footprint and being on the front page of Google!

Creativity – being able to come up with unique strategy ideas and deliver something outside of the box for your business, I love that every client I meet gets the creative flair that I offer.

Writing – it is necessary to use the power of text in your content, this can be as simple as blogging and turning this into a video. Being able to capture the audience with headlines that pop.

Know whats going on in the digital space – Arggh, this is where I see so many managers failing. You must keep on top of the digital trends and implement where you can, Social media changes every day and it is your duty to know and study what these changes are.

Results – being able to read the analytics and insights and see what is resulting from the content and creations you made. Social media is a science, testing, measuring and reading the results to create more magic the next month.

Leadership – you are the leader and it is important to keep your team and business owners motivated, communicate the processes as you deliver and report on the results.


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Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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