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Hello and welcome to todays FB live show, For those that don’t know me I am Leanne Peard – Social Media specialist and founder of the Social Media Mate membership – where you can get training and support for your business, plus a lot more.

Today we are going to be talking about groups.

Groups have been around for a while, and yet they would have to be the most under utilised opportunities for us the business owner

With the crash of our organic reach last year, our posts are now only getting a 1% reach and this makes it extremely difficult to have organic reach, which I know is frustrating for you.

This makes engaging with current and future followers increasingly more difficult. Regardless of this update, consumers may feel that Business Pages are too generic and could be considered as just a tactic for driving sales. These consumers don’t feel comfortable sharing their opinions, concerns or questions within the Business Page.

The power of groups is that your members are being notified when you post content to the group, groups also create a community where you can engage with your fans at a more personal level.

Groups are continuing to evolve and last year we saw the introduction to units, this is a way of organising you’re content like my social media mate membership to deliver training and information that is organised.

Facebook announced last year that they are delivering the opportunity to have a paid subscriptions to groups up to the value of $27.99 USD, this is another great opportunity for you the awesome business owner to deliver amazing content to your fans and get paid for it!

I have used groups on so many different levels, I have held my webinars in what I call a pop up group! I have a free group called #socialmediastuff that anyone can ask to join! I have my becomeasocialmediamanager group this is for the students who are studying with me to become social media managers and I have my social media mate group where the current price to join is $25pm

You can have closed, secret or public groups depending on your strategy around delivering content to your fans.

Just recently facebook has updated the groups, if you have a group you would have seen this message pop up on your group which states

Changes to your members list – We want to make sure that people are joining groups that are relevant and meaningful to them. Today, we’re moving people who have been added to a group but never visited it into the invited section of the groups members list. As a result, you may see changes in your groups total member count. In the members list, you can send a reminder to invited members!

Lets break this down! This is relevant to you the group owner inviting people to your group, During the time of the initiation the person will be in preview mode, they will be able to check out your group and decide whether they wish to join!

I don’t see this affecting people wanting to join themselves.

A few tips to keep your group going!

Be Active, many groups don’t have any content and you will need to be continuing to add content, ask questions!

If you don’t have a group I would strongly coach you to consider this!

and if you need any assistance or support feel free to comment with the word mate in the comments section below and you can access the social media mate membership for $1 –

have a great Monday!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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