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We will fast track your career with social marketing skills in Google AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media from beginner to advanced levels in an intensive month long program.

What does industry need?

The SMI social marketing program* addressees exactly what you need to know with specific skills based interactive workshops that are industry relevant. The program is designed to focus on the practical ‘how-to’, so you won’t tackle unnecessary content or content fillers that are not relevant to gaining skills mastery in the area.

SMI is the only social marketing training institute in Australia and in New Zealand that is solely focused on practical based skills training with employment as the end goal. We guarantee job interviews through our partner network*.

No matter what your age or current position, we can accelerate your skill set and help you find your fulfilling niche in the exciting world of social marketing. This could be your opportunity to gain skills that industry is struggling to fill locally. Imagine having the skills to work anywhere in the world and to have the freedom to take control of your own destiny. It’s your future and it’s your choice.

SMI Certificate in social Marketing course format.