Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits linked to social media?

A: The benefits out way, not accessing Social Media Sites tenfold, I have always stated if you are not online you will be left behind, Many business owners are not educated about the power that Social Media Marketing can give them, I would like to say Social Media Sites is Word of Mouth Marketing on Steroids. You will be able to set yourself up as the expert in your field, knock out your competition, build a brand and generate leads and sales. All from your successful Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Q: Why should I have a Twitter account?

A: Twitter is a great tool for Customer Service and online brand management, many Twitters use the 140 character micro blog to share just about anything, so it is important that you are using twitter to protect your brand and to monitor any feedback from customers, also giving outstanding instant customer services via this network, if you have an eCommerce site or similar, twitter is also a great platform to promote these products.

Q: What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page?

A: A personal profile created in Facebook is your profile and you can have up to a maximum of 5000 friends, after this you will have no more access to grow your friends list, a Business page will attract Likes and you have no maximum number of likes to  your business page. Facebook rule states that we must have only one profile, and you can have as many business pages as you will like.

Q:. Do I need a Facebook business page?

A: Some say that you do not need a business page for your business, I personally believe that you should, only because you dont want to max out at 5000 friends on your business page and then all that hard work has been to attract people and now your business will not be apart of their news-feed, I like to have both a personal profile and a business page, this way I can cross pollinate/share my posts with both, this will increase my business exposure to my friends and family.

Q: How is YouTube important to my business?

A: Yes…. It should be mandatory, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and with 54% of mobile phone owners access Google and you tube for information you should have your business out there in the search engines.

Q: Why should I have a blog?

A: Blogs are very important, they allow you to educate your target market. The web is the place for people to access information, regardless of what that is. Having a Blog that educates and teaches your market about your product and services will attract a following, and when they are comfortable with your information, this builds trust which then results in the sale. Blogs are very good for SEO in Google also, now with Google Authorship it is even more important to get your blogs done and done correctly.

Q: How much time should I spend on my social media activities?

A: Time is of the essence and we all seem time poor, lol – 15/20 mins in the morning and afternoon should be a comfortable time frame, this will give you time in the morning to prepare your posts, search the news-feed and like, comment and share. Then the same in the afternoon.

Q: What are a few top tips to help me successfully use social media?

A: Like, Comment, Share and find industry leaders to connect with. It is your role to educate and grow your fan base so that you will create a following of people that are going to trust you and buy from you. Also using Word of Mouth, they will share their experiences with their family and friends… Like, Comment and Share… Consider a social media strategy built around your target market to maximise your ROI.

Q: What are some of the mistakes I am bound to make when using social media?

A: Selling, I see too many pushing their product out into social networks, we must remember that social media is popular because it is about building networks of people.. We spend time on networks because we are over inundated with advertising from all other means, if you want to make a real impact on your social media marketing strategy, put 80% of content out to educate your followers, 20% personal, sharing thoughts, insights etc and leave the product selling to the adds or when they call your store.

Q: How do I use LinkedIn?

A: This is a professional networking site, an online CV, a great place to build your network of people in business, and maybe business you want to connect with. If you are networking in person, connect with them also on Linkedin, make your posts informative and to the professional market. Look at building a group to showcase your wisdom in your niche and build your network globally not just locally.

Q: How do I manage my time and efforts?

A: There are few software programs that you can use Hootsuite, Social Oomph, Social Sprout and Buffer.

Q: Which social media networks should I spend my time on?

A: Understand your target market first, then work with the platform that best suits your market, make yourself an expert in that space. Firstly though, a must for your SEO Success is get a Google Plus profile, if you are a local business, get a page within Google for your business, put the google maps into your website, and register your business on Google places.