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Hello and welcome. My broadcast is a bit delayed today because the internet’s not working really well. But thank you for joining me on the Social Media Minute. My name’s Leanne Peard, social media trainer and coach. What I want to share with you today is the up to date, the latest information that’s being released from Facebook. Just before Christmas, Facebook released the new audio live opportunity. What you’re doing now is watching me live via video. Facebook has introduced the opportunity to actually do live audio.
Now you might be thinking, video killed the radio star, and why would you want to have live audio instead of video? Now the thing is, most people that I come across, including my clients, are not comfortable with video. They don’t like being in front of a video, and I get that. Because what happened to me when I first started using video was the fear, the fear of being seen, the fear of stuffing up, the fear of tripping over, the fear of not knowing what to say.
Now when you’re on video it actually makes it a little bit more confronting, but audio you can actually speak and have that live feed audio into Facebook Live. The benefit for the actual user or the end user is the fact that when they’re listening to your live feed through the audience, you can actually keep listening to it after you’ve checked out of Facebook or after you’ve closed the app, so very similar to podcasting. Those of you that might have listened to a podcast or might be using podcasts will know that podcasts are still very, very popular. Because we can listen to podcasts while we’re driving, have them on our phone. This is exactly what Facebook is hoping to do, is to introduce this audience-podcast situation.
What does it mean for you? It means you’ve got no excuses now whatsoever to not use a live platform within Facebook. This hasn’t been released yet. It will be released early next year. I’m still waiting for the actual live feed to come on my computer, which hasn’t been released yet either in Australia, but that’s coming. That means that you don’t have any more excuses for not using live.
Now we already know that live video actually gets boosted in the Facebook algorithm a lot higher than your generic posts. Your generic posts will get about 1 to 6% viewing. If you’ve got a hundred people on your Facebook page as a fan, about one to six of them are actually going to see your post. You’re probably thinking, wow, that’s a waste of time. Well, it’s not a waste of time because you still need to have content on your Facebook page. It just means that Facebook wants us to pay. Hence you need to do ads.
I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of posts and ads on Facebook promoting people to teach you how to do ads. But, with Facebook Live, and now the new audience, Facebook will actually put your post to the top. This morning I did a little test. I did a Facebook Live on a page that I don’t use and I don’t post any content on. I only have 48 people liking that page. I thought first Facebook Live, first event, let’s just do something and see what return I get on that time or that investment.
I had 13 people watch that video. That’s 13 people based on a 1% return for a normal post, which is quite high. It means I’ve got a 15-20% view on a Facebook viewing. Now look, what will happen eventually, mark my words, is we will have to pay to get these videos boosted. But it’s not happening yet, so why not grab this opportunity and allow Facebook to push your brand and your product out there even more so organically?
The news is Facebook Live audio. There are no excuses. You don’t need to be in front of the camera, get your hair and makeup done and whatever. You can actually still be in your PJs. You can share a thought. If you’ve got a book … I had this idea for one of my students this morning. I thought, wow, she wants to promote her book and she’s not really comfortable with video. You can read an extract from your book. If you are a poet or you have some sort of wisdom, you can share that wisdom daily through the audience. People can still interact with your Facebook Live. People can still see the comments and questions. I apologise because I can’t see it on this screen because I’ve gone the other way. People can still interact with you. If that’s something that you think’s pretty cool, leave your comments below and I’ll send you more information once it’s released.
Now the second bit of news that I have to share with you today is that Instagram is actually doing Facebook Lives. Now Instagram brought in stories a little while ago where you can actually post to stories like SnapChat. I don’t want to confuse you, but it’s very similar to SnapChat, like Facebook wanted to buy SnapChat, couldn’t, so created its own, as you do.
What they’ve brought in now is Instagram stories are live. It’s live in America; it’s not live here yet. That’s another thing that I’m waiting for. You can see that the popularity of live is just becoming … Statistics indicate by 2018 more than 70% of your internet traffic will be derived from videos. If you’re in business, if you have a product to sell and you want to be in business, and you want to share your expertise, your knowledge, even your product … you could do a product review … then you really need to consider doing live. Live, live, live, live.
Now, as I said, to cover today’s Social Media Minute, Facebook Live has introduced Facebook Audio Live which will be out probably in the next few minutes. Few minutes, few months. Definitely this month. Will we have it here in Australia straight away? I don’t know, fingers crossed. Facebook Live has also introduced the live feed from the computer. We don’t have it. Well, I don’t have it yet, but that’s coming out. Then the second thing is Facebook, who owns Instagram, has introduced Facebook Live.
There are my three cool tips today or the Social Media Minute. I hope you enjoyed them. You can go to my website and subscribe to the live feed if you’re never around while I’m around. They’ll be dropped straight into your inbox. If you would like more information about Facebook Live, I do have a course available. I’ll update that when the live feed happens, the live audio feeds. Leave your questions below. It’s only a Social Media Minute. Thanks for joining me. Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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