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3 ways to gain training


  1. Online Resources available for Social Media Managers and Business Owners

    This is a great training resource which is updated daily with live video content, challenges and up to date information. Live monthly calls, Webinars, Group Coaching, Templates all for just $9.95 per week.

  2. Online 6-week intensive course, plus all the features of the social media tribe membership for a year $647
  3. Become a social media manager – Certificate III in Business – apply here!


Become a Social Media Manager – Certificate III in Business 

To enroll in our one of our Training Courses is simple and easy. You have the option of the Home Study, which is a 6-week online course, or to get a Certificate III Qualification, that is nationally recognised. The Certificate Qualification is blended delivery in Cairns and all other areas can access online study, with the support of the trainer. I look forward to assisting you and/or business in social media!

The Social Media Specialist offers courses and a career track in social media marketing and digital marketing across all major cities in Australia. SMs exists to fill the need for high quality, current education on digital services and technologies. Whether you would like to have a career as a Social Media Manager, Start your own business or learn the fundamentals to increase your sales and profits, there will be a course that will suit you.
From fundamentals right through to advanced, our course framework assures quality education and qualification for digital marketing professionals and small business owners alike. Click Here to Access the Enrolment Form.

This course is designed for the business owner that just needs to get their social media marketing right! 6 weeks online and at the comfort of your own home. Start whenever you are ready!

If you are serious about a career in Social Media Management or online digital activities, then this is the course to enroll for. The study is blended delivery in Cairns, or online for other locations.