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Do I need a blog for my business

In this day 12 of the 30-day social media challenge
Let’s look at more opportunities to grow your business.
Blogging is still a great traffic resource and opportunity to be found on Google organically…. Watch this Challenge video today for great ideas…

The goal is to guest blog like a FIEND.

I did this big time when I was starting out…and I am still using blogs to get my website to rank organically in a busy space “social media training”

Guess who I ended up guest-blogging for?


-Maximise social business

And more amazing people!

When you reach out to people (especially when you’re alllllll starting out) – you NEVER know who is going to make it. It’s super cool to see these three people that I formed friendships with (just from guest blogging) that all grew into powerhouses!!!

So don’t be overly picky (but I did check the Alexa ranking at – a general rule of thumb – don’t trade blog posts with anyone whose website is higher than #10,000,000 just to maintain backlink strength).

Here’s the template for this type of post:

Hey guys!

I’m looking for opportunities to provide social media value to your audience with a guest blog on the following topics:

– Social media
– Social strategy
– Instagram
– Social media influencers

If you’re interested in having me write a guest blog for your site, let me know!


OR – if you want to trade blogs, here’s the template for that:

Hey guys!

I’m looking to trade guest blogs with someone… If you’re open to trading a guest blog in the following topics:

– Social media
– Social media strategy
– Changes in social media
– Entrepreneurship

Just let me know if you’re interested in commenting below!


This one is really fun – watch the magic happen

Leanne x



Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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