Day 8 This isn’t gonna be easy… I can promise you that.
The following is for my Social Media Managers… for the business owners scroll right down to the bottom.

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But a HUGE part of success is accepting rejection. The more comfortable you become with rejection (don’t take it personally, I get rejected all the time!) – the easier sales and success become.

So it’s time to face it.

What’s the worst that can happen? They say no?


Find the emails for your dream 100, and take the time to craft customized emails for each one of them…. If you only have time for 1-3 tonight, do that.

If you get JAZZED and decide to craft 100 emails, go for it!

It’s time to reach out to your dream 100…

Here’s a template that works SO well for these personalized emails – and it’s NOT that different from the podcast pitch!



I’ve been following BUSINESS NAME for a while – and I have to say that I am incredibly impressed by INSERT RANDOM/NOT WELL KNOWN FACT ABOUT THE COMPANY!

With your REACH/FIGURE/STATUS/LOVE FOR SOMETHING, I know I could grow your social media following, generating traffic to your website, a loyal community, and ultimately – sales, clients, and customer relationships.

I did something similar for BUSINESS – here’s a link to that case study.

What days and times work best for you for a 15 minute call?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Got it? I know you’re gonna kill it.

Don’t stop with pitching these dream 100 until you’ve reached out to each one. Then begin the follow up process!

FOR my Business owners!!!!

Today I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I want you to prepare your existing network to send you referrals!

Share one of the following posts (tailored for your audience of course) on your personal profile:

1. Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that I just started taking on clients as a social media manager, and would love to welcome connections with your friends who need some assistance with social media!

2. Who knows a business owner who needs a little help with their social media? I’d love to help them with their strategy to grow their business!

3. INSERT CASE STUDY STATS and since that success, I’m taking on just a few more clients! Do you know an entrepreneur who would benefit from this?

It’s scary, but I promise – even if you don’t get engagement – you’re planting seeds for future connections. Most people don’t have a CLUE what we do.

This prepares people for when a need arises.

Ciao for now Leanne x

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