Busting the Myth…. Why your friends don’t support you on Facebook.

Busting the Myth…. Why your friends don’t support you on Facebook.

If there are approx 160000 people in Cairns and the average friend list is 500 then on average every 13.8 friends is a business owner. 

Hmmm, I worked this out at 9 last night doesn’t seem to be calculating for me at the moment. Anyways 

There is a bucket load of your friends that are business owners. 

Today I am going to share with you how to support your friends that are in business!

Share a post…. cost zero

Like a post …. Cost zero

Repost…. cost zero

Tag a friend…. cost zero

Comment a nice word or two…. zero

Comment with an emoji…. zero

post a pic…. zero

shout them out…..

Refrain from negativity…. zero

Reason #1-Jealousy

Boom. There. I said it. Jealousy does a lot of really stupid things to smart people. Some people go into fits of rage. Some stop talking to other people. And some, well, they won’t have any part of your ‘business’ because of reason #2 which is

Reason #2-They don’t want you to succeed.

Nope. They don’t. People want you to do well, just not better than them. True story. When we step away from the norm and go off on our own big ballsy and brave way, we not only shock our own system but we shock our friends and family. “You’re doing what?”

And then they shield themselves from you just in case you, well you know, succeed!!

They don’t want you to because of that whole jealousy thing. It’s such a vicious cycle. Oh but wait. Then there’s this from my favourite crush in

My. Challenge today if you accept it is to copy and paste this message into your profile page 

Dear friends, I know that some of you have you have a business or two, I would love to help you promote your business on social, please let me know what your business is called and I promise to like your page, share your page with my friends, comment on your posts… This is my promise to you as my friend #friendsinbusiness


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