Hello and welcome. My name is Leanne Peard, social media specialist.

In this week’s blog, I want to share with you how to not waste time when using social media. Now, I know that social media is not easy, and I know sometimes you feel extremely frustrated and flustered about what you have to do and where you have to start, but let me just tell you one of the crucial keys to success on social media is having some sort of plan, and my number one tip is to have some sort of content plan. Instead of waking up every day going, “I wonder what I’m going to post in social media,” think about what you can post and create content about it every day and put it into some sort of library.

1. Now, there’s a number of ways that you can do this. You can put it into a folder on your computer to add your content to, or you can use a content diary. Below in this video, I have a downloadable link where you can download my Excel spreadsheet and use that to actually help you get organised with your content.

2. Outsource. If you have trouble  creating images and putting quotes on them or  uploading something to the internet, get some people to help you. What I did for my daughter was download 500 images, 500 quotes, send it over tohttp://www.fiverr.com fiverr, got them to do the images, and I brought it back, and then started uploading them to multiple social media sites.

3. Think about doing some videos. Hey, videos are easy. You open up a camera and way you go. If you don’t want to edit the video, try live videos. They’re a great way at the moment to get your product and brand out there in social media. If you did nothing else but do one video a day live on Facebook, I guarantee that you’ll see results.
4. I use a software platform to help me. I used to use Hootsuite, and there’s a link below here, but I found a better software platform called “Meet Edgar.” That’s my favourite. I can actually upload and categorise my content, and Meet Edgar automatically feeds it out, so I’m not on the computer or mobile phone all day every day writing content. My family actually says to me, “You weren’t on the internet. You just posted something.” That’s because I use Meet Edgar. I find it absolutely great for being organised. It has a plan or a schedule that you can view at any given time to know where your content is being distributed to and you can change it.

Hopefully, that’s been a few tips that I’ve been able to help you with. I’ll give you one tip that I use every time for my content. I do a Facebook Live event. I send my video to Rev, R-E-V.com, to get transcribed. I then upload that transcript to my blog and put the video on my blog. Now, I’ve re purposed one in two pieces of content. Then, I upload it to YouTube and use the transcript for my SEO in the back of YouTube.

Now, with that transcript, you can now use that for bits and pieces of content anywhere on the internet. You can pull out lines of content and say, “Read more.” You can do a picture. Do a few words on the picture. You can put the blog wherever you want, so that’s my tip. It’s one way of doing content really easily.

You have an abundance of expertise that your clients and potential clients don’t know about your product or service. Focus on educating your audience and the content will flow.

That’s it from me, Leanne Peard, social media specialist. If you’d like to do a course in social media, as I’ve said previously, we do have a funded certificate three qualifications in social media. I’ll put the link below this video as well. You may choose to actually study social media and put me out of a job. Ciao for now.



Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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