5 reasons why your social media is not working:

  1. Wrong Channel, each social media account has its own demographic, if you are wanting to work with women, then you will not be investing all your time into say YouTube, even though women use this platform, women are predominately on Pinterest the audience on this platform is Women, who are married with 2 children and an annual income of $100k, they also spend up to 50 mins on the platform at any given time, Pinterest is one of the highest traffic conversions also.
  2. Wrong Direction – Creating content that is about you and your brand, don’t try to copy someones else marketing, you are unique to your business and you will attract a community of people who love you and what you do…. 
  3. Wrong Content – Posting for the sake of posting content is not going to generate you sales or leads, you need to look at creating content that is going to give you results, My new Game Changer program shows you exactly how to do this. Check out your insights to see what content is getting your engagement and sales. 
  4. Wrong Followers – many business owners are happy to just have people following them, it is all about having the audience that will buy from you, not those that are not interested, concentrate on attracting the people that will buy, concentrate on knowing who they are….the problem is we want to sell to everyone, however in the online world your message will not be heard, if you are talking to a particular niche about a particular problem, you are more likely to get traction and engagement.
  5. Wrong Timing – many of us just post for the sake of having content online, however, when you know who your audience is you may find that they are not even online at that time… Think about mums with brand new babies, they are on their phones anywhere from 12am to 4am, because this is when they are most likely feeding their babies, and no-one is around, yet if this is your audience, and you are posting at 8 am, chances are they are asleep or attending to the family… Check your insights again to make sure your content is in front of that audience.

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Let me know if you are having any of the above issues and I will create another video to assist!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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