Let me share a little story with you. I have been marketing and training social media now for 14 years. Every client every presentation every workshop i have ever given shares the same message. Your content needs to be authentic, real and educational, 

You can search my name and find these online!

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Look, I have been listening to the gurus talk about the future of 2019 and they say that engagement is no longer happening,  no shit Sherlock we all know that we aren’t getting likes comments and shares, that we used to,  they say that the future of social is making content that is educational,  entertaining and real

Well I be a monkeys uncle. 

What a Monkey’s Uncle Looks like!

So really nothing has changed since 2005! 

Let’s break this down, I believe that the future of 2019 and marketing online is…. wait for it….


It is you as a business owner that need to become your own

Self Made Media Guru (sounds a little sexy and scary)

See for you to succeed you need to put our big pants on and start sharing content about you and your business.

The consumer online today and in particular social will pull or thumb stop the content that they want. 

Not what you want them to see. They will choose which video and which post to read.

So we need to give them that content, we need to show them what we do and how that will help them, how will this make their life or circumstances better.

You job is to make content that the audience can relate to they need to see you, relate to the story , trust that you are the best person to go to about the said issue, they are looking at you as their leader, the knowledge base, the teacher in whatever your business is.

Ladies 2019 is your year. It’s your year to step up and take control of your self made media guru. 

The choice is yours no-one else’s. 

What I don’t want is to be having a conversation with you next year and have you tell me that you should of.  

Hey I know all about should ofs.

I started this journey in 2005 and I should have of put more time into my YouTube Channel, but I chose not to. I should have gone live on all platforms for the past 2 years but I chose not too. The choice is yours in what direction your business is going to take and it starts today 

My prediction for 2019 is you if you don’t start creating content and stories with your device, yes videos, yes selfies, yes behind the scenes, yes personal experienced you won’t need to worry about social media marketing any more because no-one will know that you exist (Tragically that’s the truth) What choices are you going to make in 2019 for you business?

I totally get that this maybe a little bit harsh, but its the truth! I understand that this may all be a little overwhelming, I too get overwhelmed with all that is going on inside of social media platforms, however I have the solution for you today!

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Look The choice is yours, it is what you choose to do that makes the difference!


Leanne Is a Mother, Lover, Coffee nerd and Social Media Specialist, she loves sharing her passion, knowledge and business and online marketing.

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