Social networking has resulted to the biggest revolution on the World Wide Web.  Most of the web was previously loaded with information but gave no chance for internet users to make their contribution. Social networking and social media has made this possible. Social media is one of the richest sources of up to date information today. Social networks allow users from diverse lifestyles to interact regardless of their distance apart. This feature has drawn many businesses both small and large enterprises into the social networks in search of clients for their products or services. Through social media, businesses can now market their brand names to clients within their desired demographics. Social media continues to grow rapidly with the current situation whereby mobile based social media consumption is fast growing.

Here are the Top 10 Social Media networking sites based on popularity and performance.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and it continues to grow faster than any other social network. Every kid who owns a mobile phone subscribes to Facebook as his or her first social network. Facebook offers a great business potential. You can easily customize Facebook by installing apps of your choice and upload brand themes like cover images and logos. The notifications feature facilitates spontaneous communication via Facebook. This feature alerts a Facebook account user when they receive a message. Facebook is accessible via mobile platform, which makes it easy to log in and out of Facebook when one is on the move.

Businesses can increase their brand’s exposure via a highly customizable advertising plan called Facebook advertising. Once you have a business account on Facebook, you can use it to invite people to an event, find friends, form networks with professionals, display your products and services for exposure, and so much more. Some people even sell products directly via Facebook.


Twitter falls under the category of micro-blogging social networks. People from all lifestyles tweet, and that includes politicians and executives. Twitter is available on mobile phones that operate on both IOS and Android operating systems, making it easy to access its services any time of the day. Communication via twitter is quick and precise. If used effectively, the 140 characters per post allowed on twitter can yield great benefits for businesses from all industries.

Twitter is a good place where you can catch up with the talk about you and your business as people discuss about you or your brand. ‘Tweet pips’ which refers to twitter people also discuss about your competitors and through them you can know what your competitors are up to and maybe borrow their ideas.

For business owners, twitter is a good avenue to do your marketing. ‘Tweet pips’ re-tweet post that they like and in that case act like they are recommending your business to their friends if they re-tweet your posts. What a way to earn new customers! You can even include links to your website in the posts and that will earn you great traffic from twitter. You can also communicate with your clients and interact with them via twitter.


LinkedIn allows professionals and companies to interact and from connections with one another. This network allows users to work towards success and become more productive in their respective fields of specialization. You can promote your expertise through LinkedIn professional groups discussions, post job ads and apply for jobs or contracts posted by other members. With a LinkedIn company profile, you can communicate with followers and promote your products as well as increase your brand’s discovery. You might also want to increase your website’s traffic by including links to it on your LinkedIn profile.

Google plus/+:

This is the most successful Google’s project on the social media arena. It seems to be growing thousands of times faster than Google Buzz and Google wave. You can post content and links to your website on Google + for increased conversions. Interact with customers via Google + circles and reap all the benefits you can possibly get from Google +.


On Digg, you find amazing content and breaking news. The theme of this social network revolves around discovering and sharing content. It is a great platform to use for building traffic to your site. Comments on your posts help you know what your prospects and customers think about your business. Digg offers great chances of brand exposure too.


YouTube is a great video sharing network where you can post video commercials and links to your website. If included, links drive considerable amounts of traffic to your site.


This is a form of micro-blogging, but unlike twitter, image sharing takes a bigger portion of this network. ‘Re-blogging’ and ‘liking’ are terms within the Tumblr context implying that you can have followers and follow other on this network. The secret for business people is posting great content, which will attract more followers. Tumblr gives you an opportunity to display your brand’s items.


Pinterest is an emerging but fast growing social network. Its great visual appeal and intuitive platform are its main attraction. You can display what you offer in image format.


StumbleUpon offers its users an internet surfing experience. Through StumbleUpon, you discover so many informative websites. Users can submit their websites on stumble and enjoy great traffic and Search engine rankings.


Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular photo sharing social networks on both mobile and the web. Instagram started as an exclusively IOS based application and now it has grown to become available on Android devices and the web. It allows you to edit photos before you share them. Business owners using this social media fell that it is a superb way to display the products sold by their companies.

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