The Power of the blog is one of the most powerful online tools ever used in online marketing and other types of campaigns. Through blogs, people find themselves in a position where they can voice their concerns, share their opinions and present solutions and Ideas to others who seek them. It is easier to look at blogging as a means to practice democratic journalism.


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Blogs give bloggers the power to influence customers directly by providing insight and information relating to a certain brand or product. Bloggers who share great and valuable content are the ones who always succeed in the blogging business. This is because people are continuously looking for useful and relevant information on a daily basis from the web. Search engine crawlers track and assign high ranks to blogs and web pages that provide valuable info to their visitors. Blogs therefore find their use in promoting other websites by providing backlinks leading to the main website.

At promoting different niches. You probably have come across a tech blog, a sports blog, a health blog, and so many other types of blogs. This is because now more than ever, blogs are easy to set up and most importantly, blogs are free. You can check with, WordPress, and several other free blogger platforms. They allow you to create free blogs, which have very attractive appearances. It is very easy to become a blogger.
As stated earlier, bloggers are very influential. They may talk customers into trying out new products that have just arrived in the market, or caution them against the consumption of certain other products. No wonder most of the most successful affiliate marketers also undertake blogging as a promotional tactic for their products.
Consumers have also adopted a habit of looking for information about things they want to buy online even long before they get money for them. If they find a blog that has information that is relevant to what they are looking for, they always bookmark such a blog. Owning and effectively running a blog is a great way to trap prospective customers and increase conversions significantly. As a business owner, you should consider owning a blog for your business. It does not matter whether you are running a small, medium, or a large business. There being thousands of bloggers online, you can borrow ideas and emulate the seemingly successful ones. ‘Fake it till you make it’, they say.

By the way, a well laid out blog would serve as a superb display where you can showcase your products, or premises where you offer your services. This has something to do with brand visibility.
You will never know the power of a blog unless you start blogging. If you are looking for smooth success for your online merchandise, blogs are the new marketing medium. Once you synchronize them with your social media accounts and business websites, wait to see exponential growth of your business within no time.

A few Statistics to assist in the decision of Whether to Blog or Not!

97% of Companies that Blog have more inbound links

434% of websites with blogs have indexed pages

61% of US Consumers purchase after researching Blogs.

For more information on the statistics Read More Here

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