There is a tendency for B2B marketers to take social media for granted often because they think that businesses that sell goods or services to other businesses do not need to be on social networks. The truth is that most of B2B clients are involved in social networking. Take a scenario where you meet with clients on a one on one basis during seminars and workshops, which is exactly the same kind of encounter you would have with clients on social media. Only that on social media, you are interacting with clients online. Social media is just an electronic version of socializing, only that it has an advantage over the casual one on one encounter with clients in the sense that you can easily access a larger number of clients and interact with them to create business relations. Therefore, the false perception resulting to the B2B marketers looking down upon social media as a marketing platform weighs heavily on conversions. This is precisely why creating good B2B social media strategies is very essential to any B2B company.

B2B social media activities provides a platform where you can hear from clients and service subscribers and evaluate their responses as you deduce new ideas to include in your business strategies. The following are some of the best B2B social media strategies. Choose and Pick a manageable number of platforms and dedicate your efforts to them There are numerous social network platforms available for B2B companies. These include LinkedIn, Tumblr, Ning, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Cafe Mom, Deviant Art, Tagged, MeeUp, and many others. The best way to go about selecting a suitable social network is first checking on the demographics covered by each network, determining what kind of audience in each network, and then determining which network could offer the best returns for your efforts in it. Take for example you are dealing with a product that appeals to the eye, like fashion items. The most suitable social media in that case is Instagram or Pinterest where you can easily display images of items. If you were targeting professionals, then the place to find them would be on networks like LinkedIn.

After choosing a social network platform, you need to create a clearly defined audience and scope. This contributes greatly to helping you strengthen your online presence within your niche.


Spend some money on the problem

There are paid promotions on social networks that can help you quickly increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. Widening the scope of your social network is a worthy investment. It helps increase your brand’s visibility and number of loyal customers. Through likes, follows and such activities, you can know who is interested in hearing from you. For your paid promotions, you need to set goals, advertise, and weigh the conversions or returns if you like.

Create and share professional, useful, and relevant content on your B2B social media

Brand associated content is engaging to customers since they can relate to it. Before creating content, please make sure that you have determined the customer’s goals, their discomforts and provide them with information that responds to some of their concerns.

Monitor your selected B2B social media platforms, and optimize them

There is nothing like autopilot B2B social media, in other words, you cannot set up social media platforms and forget about them. You need to monitor and keep updating your social networking accounts. Monitoring assists you in seeing how your efforts are yielding results. Optimize your social media sharing tools to make them easily accessible to user so that they can share your content easily and quickly. Good luck in your B2B social media strategy.

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If you have liked this post Please let me know, so I can continue to share my thoughts and knowledge, Leave me your thoughts below

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