How to use social media in business -As days come and nights fall, more and more businesses are turning to social media in pursuit of new customers. Do not forget that social media also allows businesses to connect with the current customers. Businesses could reap several benefits from social media but this requires that they first learn how to use social media for business growth.Social media is doubtlessly the most essential marketing tool which businesses are taking advantage of to help boost their growth. However, some people do not have the right ideas on how to go about it and the result is money and time wastage, as they do not realize any benefits from their social networking efforts. Before setting out to start putting your business or brand in the light of social media, experts who know how to use social media recommended that you first formulate a strategy that will compliment your efforts in an attempt to market your business. Again, marketing on social media is not all about shouting how good your products and services are but also make sure that you provide your friends, fans, followers, and customers on social media with valuable information.Below are some practices that could help you figure out how to use social media effectively for the benefit of your business.

Choose the right social media channel

The first step in social networking is to select the most suitable social network and then using it in the right way. Different social networks fit better in different niches when it comes to social media marketing. You also find that different networks are suited for different purposes. For example, Twitter fits well as a platform through which you give company news and trigger discussions with followers. You can also use Twitter for answering questions and giving insights to your twitter followers. On the other hand, Facebook feels better as a sharing and interacting avenue where you post photos, introduce new products, invite people to events, ask questions, and respond to inquiries from customers.

Give regular updates to your social media platforms

Giving your customers and prospects updates of what is going on in your business is a great way to impress and keep them involved with your brand. Regularly updated social media profiles attract new followers and retain most of your current fans. You can post about upcoming events, photos of meetings and new products and follow up comments made by your social network fans.

Respond appropriately to clients

One goal of opening a social media account is to keep in touch with your clients and easily interact with them. You should therefore remain interactive and respond to inquiries from any correspondent. Conversions will always increase with increased response to inquiries.

Ask your current fans, friends and followers to share with others about you

Using a lucky draw promotion, prompt your customers on social media to like or share your fan page with friends. Most people will only join pages that friends recommend to them. This is a great way to attract new fans and prospects to your business.

Do not overdo your brand promotion

Yes! Social media is a social space and it belongs to your clients. Overdoing your campaigns and proms might make you sound like spam, which is a big turn off for most people. Simply provide cool content and discussions and you can rest assured that those two will attract people to join and follow your networks. That is precisely how to build strong and loyal online communities.

Test new products through social media

Check out for opinions about your brand in discussions to see how people relate to and think about new products or existing ones. Using social media accounts is a great way to carry out research without having to spend large sums of money on surveys and forum groups. Fans can also be a source of great company ideas that you can implement and succeed.

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