Coaching and Consulting

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it! Eric Qualman

People are googling you and your business, what will they find, or what will they not find. Discovering your competition.

What if the person checking you out right now could connect you to your dream client, job or opportunity?

  • Is your online presence ready for it? Or, are you:
  • Feeling being left behind in the digital world?
  • Missing out on leads, opportunities or clients because you’re not really online?
  • Ignoring LinkedIn requests because you are embarrassed of your profile?
  • Not sure what to post on a regular basis?
  • Tired of feeling like your wasting your time online because you don’t have a strategy
  • Wanting to create your own blog post, graphic or video but have no idea where to begin?

Sound like you? That’s okay because you’re in the right place!

Now taking on 1:1 Coaching/consultanting clients

Are you ready to become a Brand(ed) New You this year?

My 1:1 coaching programs are designed for smart, determined, motivated, action-taking professionals who are ready to build their brand, get noticed, make money and start off 2017 with a solid strategy to rock this new year. If you’re a consultant, coach, speaker, corporate leader, sales professional, real estate agent, insurance agent, chef, lawyer, financial adviser, designer, personal trainer or expert this is exactly what you need.

Quite frankly, if you work with people on any level, this program will help you create an authentic online personal brand that sells you with confidence and integrity. Your online brand will keep you relevant and competitive in this digital world. Are you ready to learn how to use social media to attract more than enough opportunities, clients and business that are just right for you? Then let’s get started! Fasten your seatbelt for success!

Branding/Setting the Stage

This 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you develop a powerful online personal brand for business. During our six intensive one on one sessions, we’ll work together to discover and clarify your professional goals, uncover and articulate exactly what makes you awesome, then package you up into a powerful profile you’ll be proud to connect your network to. We’ll spend the majority of our time together polishing and perfecting your Linkedin profile but we’ll also make sure you’re a “click magnet” on any other social network you use too. We will do a Social Media Audit and

We will do a Social Media Audit and develop a social media strategy that you can implement instantly, we will create a content calender and create awesome content that will make your business sing! Attracting leads and salesHow long?

How long?
This is a 6-week  intensive 1:1 program
How much?
The investment is $1297